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Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture

Waste is an opportunity not a problem.

Great to see Michael Pawlyn phrasing things in terms of opportunities rather than problems. Talking about factor 10, 100 or even 1000 times improvement in resource efficiency by examining the 3 Billion years of R&D that mother nature has performed. Some good examples. Also turning linear models into closed loop systems.

A friend called Mark who owned an amazing organic farm in England near Stonehenge used to get paid by an instant coffee producer to dump their sterilized coffee bean waste on his farm. It was wonderful organic sterile material that he needed for his farm. He got paid to accept it and the manufacturer got to dump it for cheaper. Win win situations like that are so wonderful.

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Rare cacti in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens vandalised

Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens’ arid garden vandalised
Via the ABC.
Cacti in the Arid Garden were hacked with a sharp implement, such as a machete or axe, according to the garden’s staff.
About 80 per cent of the columnar cacti and succulents were attacked, staff said.
Many of the plants were more than 30 years old and the collection contained some rare and threatened species.
The garden’s chief executive, Tim Entwisle, says the damage had shocked staff and visitors.
He says it is difficult to comprehend.
“Someone’s come in overnight and they’ve just hacked away at some …

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More Flowering Agave Attenuata (Foxtail)

The last photos of an Agave Attenuata (Foxtail) I posted were from  Simi Valley, California. The following photos are from my home city of Melbourne Australia. Last year in Melbourne was an amazing year for these flowering succulents with many of these magnificent plants flowering.

North Carlton Melbourne.

These magnificent specimens are in Brunswick Melbourne.  Not only were two flowering simultaneously, each Agave had those multiple flower heads. I have never seen these multiple flower heads before. Have you?

And lastly, a close up of my Foxtail flowering. And yes it was worth the 15-20 tear for the flower spike! From start to finish the flower bought beauty …

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Check out these butts

Two aloe butts worth checking out.
It’s Aloe Butt Day! So let’s celebrate with a couple pics of my two favourite aloes.
The top pic is a fan aloe (Aloe Plicatilis), it a massive old plant that has been moved around a lot.The other pic has an Aloe Ferox in the foreground with Cleistocactus strausii (silver torch or wooly torch) dominating a few cool cacti in he background.
Here’s some older pictures of the aloe’s flowering.


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Guerilla knitting take Melbourne by storm

Guerilla knitting has taken Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs by storm. At first the guerilla knitters were weaving their magic on bike stands and road signs, but now they’re working to enhance nature too.

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Lilac fringes

My favourite cactus flower is in magnificent bloom again. I love the lilac fringes. These flowers are tall trumpets.