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Amazing Draco Story of Survival Against the Odds

21 July 2010 No Comment

Mike form the UK, posted the following comment. I hope you enjoy his wonderful story as much as I did. I contacted Mike and he has been nice enough to also send me a couple photos.

Hi all, I’d just like to mention my story, I’m from the U.K. where there is little sun or correct temperature. 25 years ago I bought some Draco seeds from a gift shop in the Canary Islands (it was my honey moon!). When I got back I planted these seeds in my new home starting my new life as it were. I have to admit that I kind of did it half hearted and put 5 seeds in one 5″ diameter  pot using quite a clay type of soil (I was not too keen on gardening at this time of my life). Not really expecting any to grow I just left it there on the window sill in an unused back room.

25 year old Crooked Dracaena DracoWell after a VERY long time I had two that grew on so I kept up the hap-hazard watering year after year, and after they began to grow I kept thinking “I’ll have to repot these some time“. I had one growing in the middle and the other growing at the edge. Well over something like 20 years had passed and the plants had about 2″ long stem and the leaves were about 12″ long (the good ones! as my wife kept cutting off the tips). The plant at the edge by this time was growing over the edge in an `S` shape because the pot had no room for them both!, and still I kept saying “I realy MUST get these repotted“.

The plant that was at the edge was practically growing outside the pot as the roots were growing from the trunk around the outside of the pot just like those plants that grow up a tree trunk. Well, last year (25 years old now)while I was cleaning the window sill I had trouble trying to get the pot plant back onto the window sill without dropping off and the roots were now growing down the wall. LOL. So I was now forced to repot my dear old Draco’s, after 25 years I am now quite attached to them.

I had to repot the `S` shaped plant by cutting off the thick roots and potting the bottom of the`S` bend half in the soil, while thinking “well this is going to kill it off if nothing else is“. Well a year has gone by now, and the 2 plants have grown very fast. Over the last years summer the leaves had grown twice as thick and are now just under 24″ long, the trunk on the ‘straight’ plant is about 4″ long before the leaf growth. I’m thinking ‘I wish I had repotted these years ago, imagine how big the Draco’s would be now’. I am now feeding them with a palm tree fertilizer (instructed by my garden centre!), as of now, the diameter of the whole plant, that’s the leaves spread, is about 3ft to 4ft across depending which leaves you’re measuring and I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. LoL. Well I hope you enjoyed my story about how my Draco’s struggled during all this time and still came through.

The two 25 Year old Draco's re-potted

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